Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crazy Cabmate - True Story #9

Art of Living

Cabmate: "What do you think of Art of Living?"

Now these are the kind of questions that I absolutely hate being asked. I despise answering them too.

It's a little like "What do you think of Baba Ramdev?". What are you supposed to say? Your honest opinion is only going to lead to a debate.

I chose to give an irrelevant answer.

Me: "Art of Living? I think they are good marketers"

Cabmate: "You know, you should attend one of their workshops. It will make you a calmer person"

Me: "You know me. I barely talk. I'm as calm as someone can get"

Cabmate: "You know, many years ago, I attended one of their workshops in Delhi. And I stopped smoking. For a week"

Me (puzzled): "Aha?"

Cabmate: "I'm going again now for another Art of Living workshop. It's next to your house. Why don't you join me?"

Me: "No Thanks"

So, my cabmate arrives a week later - looking 'calmer'.

Our car gets stuck in peak hour bumper-to-bumper traffic, for a bit.

The driver and I are puzzled as we hear loud heaving sighs from the backseat.

We turn around to find my Cabmate performing some weird breathing exercise, with his eyes tight shut and left nostril closed with his right hand. He repeats this process, interchanging hands and nostrils, a few dozen times.

It's hard to not laugh. Or to not want to pull out your mobile phone and shoot a video of the situation. But I choose not to.

20 mins later we arrive at office. I step out of the car and walk to the elevator, only to realise that my cabmate hasn't walked out of the car yet.

I head back to check on him.

He's still annoyingly loud - snoring in his sleep though!

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