Friday, July 15, 2011

Crazy Cabmate - True Story #8


There are days when I choose to work from home or days when I choose not to take the office cab home.

On those days, my cabmate runs personal errands with the office cab.

Cabmate: "Hero, today, I feel like eating fish"

Driver: "So?"

Cabmate: "Can you take me to the Fish Market?"

Driver: "But that's not on our way. It's in fact, way out!"

Cabmate: "Its ok. You take me there"

Driver: "No Sir. I can't do that. I can drop you half way and then you can go"

My cabmate was apparently upset but chose to take up the half-way offer anyway.

Conversation next day:

Driver: "Sir, how much fish did you buy?"

Cabmate: "2"

Driver: "2 kilos?"

Cabmate: "No.Two fish" (sic)

Driver (dumbstruck): "How much was it there?

Cabmate: "50 INR each"

Driver: "How much was your 3-wheeler ride?"

Cabmate: "60 INR"

Driver: "How much does the same fish cost near your house?"

Cabmate: "60 INR each :)"

Do the math.

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