Friday, June 03, 2011

Crazy Cabmate - True Story #3


Cabmate: "Have you watched any movies recently?"

Me: "I'm not really into movies"

Cabmate: "You know, I got this really good deal from a movie renting portal"

Me: "Aha"

Cabmate: "As an introductory offer, for the first month, I get 30 Movies - a movie a day for a month - at 1 INR. They even send a guy to deliver and pick-up the DVDs :)"

Me: "Ah. So, you're going to take an annual subscription after that?"

Cabmate: "No. I'll watch those 30 movies for 1 INR and then cancel my subscription :)"

1 comment:

sabith khan said...

Netflix offers a trial in the USA...if they did it in India, I am sure many ppl, such as your cabmate will mooch the hell out of the company and drive it to bankruptcy.