Friday, May 20, 2011

Crazy Cabmate - True Story #1

Here's to the Crazy One.


It's 9:30 AM at Office.

My Cabmate and I are practically the first walk-ins of the day at the Office Cafe.

When it comes to breakfast at the Cafe, there's always something good to choose from: Fruits, Cereal or Indian Cuisine.

Fruits are either Australian Kiwis or Mexican Apples or Californian Grapes, on most days.

(You get the drift? Basically our employer doesn't shy away from spending on us.)

While I decide on what to eat, my cabmate walks up to the Cafe Attendant with a big bunch of luscious Californian grapes and says "Hero, store this away in the fridge. I'll take it home in the evening".

Ok now, honestly, I pretend not seeing or hearing any of that.

But within seconds, my cabmate realizes that I am witness to what just happened.

If he is embarrassed, he doesn't let it show. Instead, what he does say immediately in his defense, is worth a pat on his back.

Cabmate: "You know, I have a 2 year old daughter. She is learning ABCD. And today is G for Grapes :)"


Santosh Wilson said...

hahaha! whoz this cabmate? can i go guessing?

Just-for-kicks said...

so what does he take home on a 'Y' for 'YAK" day...!!!! :)

Cabmate: doll.. i got u y for yak
kid: WHAT THE...!!!
YAK: ... FML...

Divya said...

you should write a book - strange encounters...of the weird kind!!!

Just Me !! said...

You should give it to the man for coming up with the lamest reason ever under 5secs..