Thursday, August 27, 2009


Attended the Cannes 09 Show Reel screening at ITC Grand Central, Parel, last evening.

Terry Savage, Chairman, Cannes Adfest, had a few interesting insights on how India has turned into an emerging creative powerhouse over the last 5 years.

From 4 Jury Members in 2004 to 11 Jury Members in 2009, India has come a long way.

Terry pointed out the direct correlation between the appointment of Jury members and the performance of their country at the awards in the recent years. "To be nominated as a Jury member at Cannes, his/ her agency should have won at least one award in the last three years in the respective category. Alternately, if the Jury member's Agency has entered work in a particular category for the last three years, he/ she becomes eligble for a nomination", he said.

[Not surprisingly, India stands at #4 in the number of entries made this year (read 4000 nos).

The recent awards tally clearly reflects the enthusiasm that the Jury members are breathing into their agencies now. From 4 Lions in 2004 to 23 Lions in 2009, India is clearly on a roll. (However, Terry pointed out that India is cleary invisible in the Digital space at the awards.)

Moving on, he opined "The increase in number of Clients and Media Agencies attending Cannes is further proof that there is tremendous enthusiasm around creating groundbreaking creative work"

Introducing Spikes Asia 09, Terry informed the audience that Times of India will be felicitated as the Advertiser of the Year at the festival. He credited TOI for setting new standards of creative excellence. While doing so, Terry also drew similarities between TOI's Lead India initiative (2008 Grand Prix Direct Winner) and the Obama Campaign (2009 Titanium and Integrated winner), pointing out how both campiagns mobilised a nation to adopt change (for good).

Of course, the much awaited Cannes 09 Show Reel followed.

Here's a
hyperlinked list of all the films that caught my eye: Miller High Life '1 second Ad' | Adidas 'Break-up Service' | Citroen C3 | Washington's Lottery 'Every bird should get to fly' | Boag's Draught 'From the pure waters of Tasmania' | Volkswagen SpaceFox 'DogFish' | British Army 'You're an accident waiting to happen' | MTV 'Choose or Lose' | Adidas 'Basketball is a Brotherhood' | Nokia N96 'Bruce Lee Ping Pong' | Nokia N96 'Bruce Lee Lighting Matches' | Thuis 'Changed Opening Credits' | TOI ' Chennai Times - Naaka Mukka' | Philips 'Carousel' |

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