Friday, April 17, 2009

Best of Goafest

At Goafest, I was hoping to beam a number of live updates from the 'Knowledge and Learning' sessions.

And well, I did do the needful. But, I made the mistake of relying on SMS updates to Twitter. (GPRS costs being prohibitive and all that, I felt it was cheaper to do it that way.)

Airtel charged me a bomb for those SMSes. All in vain though, because, when I did get online at the end of the fest, there was no activity reflecting on my Twitter page!
(Fortunately the tweets were intact in my phone's 'sent items' folder.)

I know this is 2 weeks too late. But hey, better now than never, right?

This post has a combination of my tweets and notes (with hyperlinks) from the sessions.

Jean Marie Dru, TBWA | "Big ideas win, good ads don't" - Lee Clow | Pedigree "Dogs Rule" | In an Absolut World | Apple "Think Different" | Adidas "Impossible is Nothing" | Pepsi "Refresh Everything" | "Today, brands are not judged by their products and services alone. It's about the initiatives they take" | T-Mobile Liverpool Street Station | "TBWA Amsterdam has two teams - Anticipation and Reaction. Anticipation recommends and creates pro-active campaigns while Reaction works solely on Client Briefs" |

Neeraj Nayar, Contagious | "Radical Transparency" | Patagonia Footprint Chronicles | "Create Time. Don't buy it" | Doritos snackstrongproductions | Sprint/ Suave In the Motherhood | "Branded Utilities" | ING Android (ATM Locator) | "Brands are a network of the unacquainted" | P&G Tremor (Word of Mouth Marketing) | O2 Blueroom | | Vaseline Clinical Therapy 'Prescribe The Nation' | Cadbury's JiveBrow | IKEA 3D Cover | Twitchhiker | Guinness Rugby RFID | Topps 3D Live Baseball Cards | EA responds to 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 - Jesus Shot' |

"Agencies can invent products" - Sir John Hegarty |
BBH Labs | Mentos Kiss Cam |

Mahesh Narayanan, Google India | "12 hours is the average amount of time spent online by 15-24 y.o Indians" | "35% Internet users in India come from <500,000> | Rural Meets Digtial - Indian Taxi Driver | Google Ad Planner | Blendtec "Will it blend?" | Into thin Air - John Krakauer / Touching The Void - Joe Simpson |

Dan Wieden, W+K | "The more technology connects us, the more we drift away" | KAWS | W+K Twelve | "Activate Influencers . Create Mass Intrigue. Ensure Broad Awareness. Measure Success" | "Good Brand Advertising comes from a good understanding of ethos, sensibilities and core values" | "Nike's 'Just do it' was inspired by serial killer Gary Gilmore's last words: "Let's do it" |

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