Monday, January 05, 2009

Curtain Raiser

It's been a while....

I was keen on compiling an 'Adios 2008' on the lines of the magical 'Adios 2007' one. But, taking sis out on NY's Eve meant a lot more than a random blog post.

Part of the reason (besides sheer laziness) why I stayed from blogging for the second half of 2008 should be attributed to how my priorities changed during the course of the year.

A number of 'uncalled for' events showed me why Relationships (Family/ Friends/ Katty) needed more of my time/ attention than anything else.

2008 was a year with more downs than ups.

Not just for me but for this blog too. From 'a blog post a day' to 'no posts for months together', this blog slipped into an unexpected coma.

And so did I, if you go by the non-medical definition of the word.

I've always despised negative energy. And unfortunately I was full of it for a major part of the year. The last thing I would've wanted is a blog emanating negative energy. So I stayed away.

This post is an attempt to bring back this blog to life, albeit without an agenda. (Reminds me of: "If your campaign doesn't have a strategy, any campaign can get you there!". I'm confident I'll have an agenda soon :) )

2008 did a world of good for me.

I rediscovered the power of my abilities, my conviction and my voice in 2008. And I'm glad I did it in time.

I realized that there's only so much suffering I can watch someone (I love) endure.

I decided that I won't be a mute spectator ever again if it concerns the ones I love.

I convinced myself that 'to sit on the fence and watch the show', is the worst thing one can do.

I swore 'I will always stand up for the right thing even if it means I'll have to risk losing everything I have!'

I chose to be vociferous in my protests, even disrespecting one's age/ status/designation when I saw they were wrong/irrational.

I found out (unceremoniously) how I should watch my back all the time.

I bade goodbye to one of the best bosses I've ever had and still wish I didn't have to!

I crossed over to the Mediterranean briefly (after surviving a 'suspect terrorist' scare in Istanbul) just to be around the woman I am crazily in love with.

I ranted and raved about everything and found fabulous friends in a 'football crazy metalhead copywriter' and a 'soon-to-be married livewire comedian and event manager par excellence'.

I saw how the women in my life (Mum, Sis and Katty) so wonderfully and unwittingly personify 'beauty comes from within'. You are awesome :)

With y'all around, I'm confident 2009 will be fabulous.


Arjun said...

Kudos my man! Been looking forward to a post for a bit now!
Good luck in 2009! :D

Shek said...

Thanks, man!

Means a lot to me.

I think you've left a comment on every post of mine so far :)