Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I did a little 'research' in order to make this post more interesting.

Research Finding #1 (Source: TechFuels) :

It's quite obvious that India is obsessed with adult content. Even if you're not addicted to it, you just can't seem to stop yourself from clicking on that suggestive, naughty-looking link and getting an eyeful. Although sites like YouPorn are on and off the top 100 list, voyeurism, it seems, is the order of the day. No one wants firangi porn any more, that's just boring ... Indians would rather look for scandals, and play 'peeping tom' with other Indians. Whether the poor state of sex education, our repressive laws, the so called moral-police, or even the media are responsible for causing this craving for titillation, the fact remains that it is true, because remember, statistics don't lie.

Research Finding #2:

With statistics like "produces 395 babies every five minutes" to India's credit, one might safely assume that India is the horniest nation around.

Surprise! Turns out, Vietnam is hornier than India, at least if one's to believe Google Trends.

Wish broadband penetration in India was as good as Bermuda's. There would be more men searching for sex online than performing it on ground!

(Or maybe not! Read the next finding.)

Research Finding #3:

Delhi is one helluva sex crazy city. ((As if we didn't know that already!)

The most number of searches in the world for the keyword "sex" come from India's capital.

Well, when young cricketers in Delhi turn from scoring on the field to forcibly scoring (!) off the field, you know there's a lot going wrong in the capital.

Research Finding #4:

NDTV and Indian Railways draw less traffic to their websites than debonairblog (NSFW) does!!!

Research Finding #5:

Adultfriendfinder (NSFW) is #74 on India's Top 100 websites.

Zapak (#91), which is believed to have made 'online gaming' India's favorite new pastime, fares poorly in comparison.

Apparently, Indians believe they are better off playing other games instead!

So, Tata Sky decides to poke a little fun at them!


If you did manage to take a look at and were disappointed/ pleasantly surprised/ annoyed, you have to look into what went into that viral campaign.

Scores of pot-bellied uncles and under-confident youngsters log on to the net and frantically search for the oh-so-available Ms. Katrina Kaif everyday. (On the Google Zeitgeist 2008 page , click on India if you don't want to take my word!)

When Katrina won't do, they opt for Namitha. And when she doesn't satisfy them either, they log on to the deboniarblogs and the adultfriendfinders of the world looking for some excitement.

Zillions of hours are spent on this national pastime which is all about going after what they'll never really get! (So why not, buy a few minutes of their time with a well crafted viral?)

Not surprising then that Indian brands are now titillating consumers with a simple but sound strategic insight: WYSIWYWG ( What You See Is What You WON'T Get!).


Rushing Mania said...

HAHAHA... This was funny... and enlightening... interesting to see that even IMDB was lower than in India's top 100 websites...

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lol.. killer.

just think that they should have put "its all legit" on the home page

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