Saturday, June 28, 2008

My G3

Stanley Jordan on the Electric Guitar:

Andy Mckee on the Acoustic Guitar:

Akin Unver on the Chapman Stick:

Hats off to these guys for making fingerstyle look so damn easy!


sabith khan said...

Hi mate

Howcome no new posts ?? Wassup dude ?? show us some of the interesting trivia that you come, posters, anything ;)

meraj said...

mine are:

knopfler, hendrix, duanne allman / SRV

ok,where is Sunday Jazz? this time give me more than abbreviations

meraj said...

thanks Shek...will check out Sunday Jazz.


meraj said...

hi! need to hire a couple of bright, young and smart account executives here in my agency. any names / contacts from your experience here...would be of great help...cheers! m