Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ajmo Hrvatska :)

The Euro kicks off tonight and I'm dying to be my 'Football Fanatic' self all over again :)

Staying up late to watch the England vs Portugal quarter-final (Euro 2004) at a friend's place is something I vividly remember. What a cracker of a match that was!

I don't think I even slept well after that cos' all I had in my head was spectacular replays of the highlights of the match :)

I pity the other blokes called 'friends' who were snoring away meanwhile. Boy, did they miss out on something awesome or what!

I'm known to NOT take sides whenever a BIG Football Event is around the corner. Cos' I believe that by taking sides, one misses out on the beauty of the game.

For example, cheering when a rival team's key player is injured badly is something that I don't subscribe to. Much like how I don't enjoy fans cheering for their idol when a rival player falters in Tennis.

Anyway, coming back to the point. I NEVER take sides. But, this year is going to be different :)

I was reading up Team Profiles and was thoroughly impressed with one particular team: A team that boasts of a Rockstar Coach and the Most Promising Footballer this year.

Yep! I'm rooting for Croatia :)

Move over Šuker, Pršo, Petrić, Šimić and Eduardo (he'll be missed!); By the end of the championship, I'm going to be spouting more Croatian Footballers' names than ever before! :)

Here's to Croatia and it's supporters:

Ajmo, Ajmo, Hrvatska!

Oh yea! And the next time around, I 'll be cheering in a Croatian Jersey cos' I just scored a few brownie points with Katty. Can't wait to redeem those points for the merchandise in September!!!

Weeeeeeeee! :)

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