Saturday, June 28, 2008

My G3

Stanley Jordan on the Electric Guitar:

Andy Mckee on the Acoustic Guitar:

Akin Unver on the Chapman Stick:

Hats off to these guys for making fingerstyle look so damn easy!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Post-Match Analysis:

Olić had some great shots on goal but he really should've been substituted a lot earlier than in extra time. He was a spent force by then.

Bringing Klasnić on earlier might have been a good move to avoid the extra time.

Though Croatia had more possession of the ball, Turkey passed the ball around a lot better whenever they got to it.

Nihat (undoubtedly the most inspirational captain in this edition of the Euro) seemed troubled last night and was definitely not at his best. The injury later on just made it worse.

After scoring in the 119th minute, the least the Croats could've done is keep possession of the ball instead of attempting another goal.

With Şentürk scoring off a blinder in the very last minute with Rüştü 's assist, Rüştü made up for his folly of leaving his fortress earlier and letting Modrić and Klasnić pull off a clearly avoidable goal.

The Shootout was a lottery indeed. The Turks were upbeat after surprising themselves with the stoppage time goal. Winning/ Losing was irrelevant to them now. The Croats however had already lost the match in spirit the moment Şentürk's drove the ball into the back of Croatia's net. Broken, nervous and spent, Modrić and Rakitić shot wide of the target! :(

Moving On:

The Turks have proved to be the Most Resilient bunch. Their comebacks against the Swiss, the Czech and the Croats have anything but flukes. Here's wishing them luck and fewer yellow cards (13 so far in this tournament!) in the future :)

The Croats have been phenomenal in the campaign. The Boys have been brilliant under 37-yr old Niko Kovač's captaincy. Good luck to him as he moves on!

Modrić's approach of calm, composed, clean football has earned him tons of fans around the world.

Srna's brilliance with the dead ball is commendable and he is a talent to look out for.

Klasnić's successful comeback to International football (after his kidney problems) should be inspirational for a multitude of struggling footballers out there.

Last but not the least, Bilić has earned himself the reputation of being a Rockstar Coach, quite literally! His enthusiasm on the sidelines makes you wonder if he secretly yearns to be one of the boys on the pitch!

Bilić (after last night's defeat) said: "Tomorrow is a new day, the sun will still rise. We'll probably cry for a few days but such is life. Things like this have happened before but these are extreme situations. My players have a strong character and will be back even stronger."

Roger that!

In 7 weeks from today, the Croats will face Kazakhstan in the World Cup 2010 qualifiers. For the team that dashed England's hopes of making it to the Euro this year, glory at the next World Cup is imminent!

Ajmo Hrvatska! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yours 'Bass'ically

When I signed up for my ill-fated bass lessons years ago, the first thing my tutor told me was: "Doesn't matter if you can't hear the basslines. What matters is that 'listeners should feel the basslines'. The ground beneath their feet should shake when the bass amp comes on!"

You get his drift?


Turn up your speakers and check out this video then:

Bauchklang is incredible! Beats me that a bunch of beatboxers can nail such brilliant basslines/ tracks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Viva la Vida

It's been a long wait for Coldplay fans.

The World's Most Predictable Band is finally releasing their new album on 17th June.

From whatever I've read about Coldplay's effort into recording their new tracks, Brian Eno's challenged them musically by exposing them to everything from jazz to heavy metal.

It's will be interesting to see how their attempt at sounding un-Colplayish will turn out.

For starters, there definitely is a pronounced use of the keys in the couple of tracks available on And I'm guessing that there will be a lot more vocal/ instrumental improvisations in their song structures than just plain catchy 'verse-chorus-verse' efforts.

Coldplay had seem to hit the same wall that U2 had hit a while ago: the wall of composing predictable, formulaic pop-rock tracks that top the charts for a brief bit only to end up in the 'forgotten bin' for eons.

I think the hiatus has definitely made Coldplay musically wiser.

They've woken up to the fact that the only way to stay relevant in the ever changing music scene is to keep reinventing yourselves constantly.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ajmo Hrvatska :)

The Euro kicks off tonight and I'm dying to be my 'Football Fanatic' self all over again :)

Staying up late to watch the England vs Portugal quarter-final (Euro 2004) at a friend's place is something I vividly remember. What a cracker of a match that was!

I don't think I even slept well after that cos' all I had in my head was spectacular replays of the highlights of the match :)

I pity the other blokes called 'friends' who were snoring away meanwhile. Boy, did they miss out on something awesome or what!

I'm known to NOT take sides whenever a BIG Football Event is around the corner. Cos' I believe that by taking sides, one misses out on the beauty of the game.

For example, cheering when a rival team's key player is injured badly is something that I don't subscribe to. Much like how I don't enjoy fans cheering for their idol when a rival player falters in Tennis.

Anyway, coming back to the point. I NEVER take sides. But, this year is going to be different :)

I was reading up Team Profiles and was thoroughly impressed with one particular team: A team that boasts of a Rockstar Coach and the Most Promising Footballer this year.

Yep! I'm rooting for Croatia :)

Move over Šuker, Pršo, Petrić, Šimić and Eduardo (he'll be missed!); By the end of the championship, I'm going to be spouting more Croatian Footballers' names than ever before! :)

Here's to Croatia and it's supporters:

Ajmo, Ajmo, Hrvatska!

Oh yea! And the next time around, I 'll be cheering in a Croatian Jersey cos' I just scored a few brownie points with Katty. Can't wait to redeem those points for the merchandise in September!!!

Weeeeeeeee! :)