Monday, May 12, 2008

Earth - A Song for Life by KARMA 6

Awesome stuff from Sandeep Chowta and his (Rockin') Bangalore Boys!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


The Advertising Brief:

Client: "We want to launch a newspaper"

Agency: "Oh! That's going to be tough. Too many newspapers around here you know!"

Client: "Hmmm.." (sifts through his Phonebook for another ad agency's number)

Agency: "We love challenges. We'll design a campaign that will definitely be clutter breaking"

Client: "Cool! See you soon then"

The Strategy and Ideation

Client Servicing Head: "Arrange a brainstorm. AE, call whoever is around at office. Give the Client a campaign tomorrow!"

3 hours later, and no one's attended the brainstorm yet. It's 9 PM.

Flustered Account Executive (thinking to himself): "The campaign needs to be ready by 11 tomorrow. Dang it!"

AE (pulls out his cell phone to send an sms) : "#$%&! Babe, I'm screwed. I dunno what to do! So much stress at work!"

Babe replies: "Swty! Dnt wrry. Ur smrt!"

AE (exclaims): 'Presto! I've got it!'

The Presentation:

Agency: "To catch the fancy of the youth, we need to talk to them in their language a.k.a. sms language"

Client: "Hmm..."

The Ad:

(smrtr: "Less words. More news")

Client: "Brllnt! Lvly! 2 Gd!"

Agency: " :) :) :)"

Dear Client/Agency, Since when did knocking off all the vowels from a word make it "less words"????

Mr. Neil French, Where are you?