Tuesday, April 01, 2008

All the best, Katty! :)

Katty starts work at P&G (Zagreb) today and I'm prolly more excited about it than she is!

Well, in case you've been thinking Red Bull is the wind beneath my wings, you've got it all wrong! :)

Allow me to introduce my muse to you.

Katty is a happy-peppy-heady mix of a Psychologist, an HR Professional, a Trainer and an Adventure Sports enthusiast; all rolled into one pretty Croatian lady!

Here's wishing her 'All the Best' as she starts out at her new job today!


Arjun said...

Best wishes from Delhi too.... although... Is Katty a pet name??? Just wondering....

Oh BTW shek, dont know if u noticed, 200 posts man... great going... come on bro... u really oughta think about writing a book!! ;D

Shek said...

hey Arjun,

yea.. katty's a pet name.. Katarina is the name she goes by..

and thanks for noticing the 200 posts bit :)

pINKhIGHhEELS said...

Awwww... :)