Friday, March 07, 2008

Post-Viral Syndrome

Z-world is a Colombo based Viral Marketing agency.

Well, Mates @ Z-World, when you're spamming 10,000 people, at least get your editing right!

And yea, it won't be long before you get pulled up for stuff like this:

For Heaven's sake, don't forget that you are sending out those mails to vulnerable teenagers too!

On another front, I really wonder how Clients feel about sharing space on an emailer where 'smoking up' is encouraged. Brand Managers, do you really want your Brand to be seen in bad company?

And btw Z, the numbers on your site don't add up!!

How else do you explain this, eh??? :

Email Database Profile

Universe - 9800

India – 4600 addresses
Singapore – 3200 addresses
Malaysia – 10,000 addresses
UAE – 4800 addresses
Saudi Arabia – 3600 addresses
UK – 6200 - addresses
USA – 14,800 addresses
Australia – 11,600 addresses

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Johann said...

DAMMIT!!! Here was I thinking FINALLY someone's catering to ME!!