Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Work is Fun!

It's 11 AM at an Ad Agency.

An Account Director (AD) with puffy eyes and a plastic smile, walks in to clock her time.

To greet her at the door, is her grumpy Creative Director (CD) friend, who is busy attending to a grave nicotine addiction.

CD: "Hey AD. Wazzzza??"

AD: "CD!!!! Haaaang on! I've gotta sign in first!"


Now the CD and AD find something interesting to discuss: SEX (What else!)

AD: "Oooh! Sex is fun! Women who think chocolates are better have no clue about what they are missing out!"

CD: "Eugh! Whatever!"

AD: "Sex is FUN!"

CD: "Sex is WORK!"

AD: "What nonsense! Sex is not work. It's FUN"

CD (puff! puff! nicotine puff!) : "It's WORK"

Three cigarettes later, the argument rages on inconclusively.

The Creative Director gets an IDEA (Boing!)

He summons a weary looking Account Executive (AE) to settle this argument for good.

AD: "AE!!!!! You have no work to do? Have you called the client? Have you raised the estimates? Have you cleaned my table? Have you followed up the outstanding payments? Uh Uh?"

AE (petrified): "Ah.. eh.. umm.. yea...Client called.. asked where you are.. told her you were at a yoga class!"

AD (pulling at her hair): "Duh! You told the Client that? Argh! What an idiot you are! Argh!"

CD (concerned) : "AE, listen, fancy a puff?"

AE (unsure): "No Thanks"

CD: "Yoga? Hell! What's this about?"

AD: "Shut up!"

CD: "Ok AE, Listen! We are trying to settle an argument here! We need your expert opinion, dude!"

AD (rolling her eyes): "Yea right! AE's opinion!"

CD: "Dude! Your AD says Sex is Fun. I say it's Work. What is your take on it?"

AE (deep in thought): "Umm.. I guess it is FUN. I have to agree with the AD. Cos' if it was Work, I would be doing it for her!"

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