Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wham! Scam! Thank you, Ma'am!

Was trolling Adsoftheworld for ambient ads and came across the one above.

Click on the image to understand the ad before you read on.

This ad is a perfect example for me to make my point on why Creatives should keep away from commenting on Strategy:

1. The 'Brief' is pure fiction.

Clients almost always look at tangibles when briefing the Agency.

'Communicate the hip, bold and attractive attitude to 18 to 25 year olds, specifically males' is something only the agency can come up with!

It's a force-fit. A classic scam where the idea came first and the brief was put together later.

2. The Target Audience is identified wrongly

18 to 25 year olds in most parts of the world have very little purchase power. So there's no chance this initiative translated into any sales with that demographic.

I'm positive that the ones who buy the car are 'Young at heart' 26-35 year olds.

3. There is no 'Strategy'

'We decided to surprise the target audience and catch their eye with a message in a code only the core target would decipher'


It doesn't take a lot for people who don't belong to your target audience to decipher a visual cue like a dropped panty with their own interpretations!

4. There is no Insight

Deep-rooted Cultural Insight: "In Dominican Republic, 'Bajapanty' or 'Panty Dropper' is widely used in regards to cars so hot they make the girls drop their panties"

Now that is not an Insight. That's an expression.

An insight is an underlying truth that emerges from a lot of research and understanding of relationships.

Taking an expression and re-creating it visually is the laziest form of advertising ever!

In the US they exclaim "P@#$y Magnets" for smokin' hot wheels! (Watch Borat if you want to see Sacha Baron Cohen mock Americans on that one!)

But they don't go around pasting kittens on cars, right???

5. The Execution sucks

One needs to scratch the surface and challenge themselves to pull off a stunner.

e.g: Placing oddly shaped, old-fashioned knickers on other cars
with a message saying "You deserve better. Buy a Swift!"

Or posters like this all over town:

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