Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wanna work in Nauru?

I don't quite remember how I got interested in Nauru.

A Google search threw up the above results along with rather interesting 'adwords' ads.

Was reading
Nauru seeks to regain lost fortunes on BBC today and couldn't help but laugh at the idiots who work on the adwords ads for Monster and Timesjobs!

An excerpt from the BBC article reads:

"We find ourselves in a big hole," concedes newly-elected president and former weight-lifting champion, Marcus Stephen. "We're doing our best to climb out of it. It won't be like in our heyday, but at least we'll be comfortable."

The Island Nation is obviously struggling to employ its locals. However Monster's ad (unintentionally) paints a rather pretty picture about the job market!

Noticed what the Monster ad says? :

'Jobs in Nauru: Huge demand for pros in abroad'

Monster/ Timesjobs' pathetic adwords strategy: Whenever a user searches for a Country on Google, they get at least one of Monster/ Timesjob's ads among the Sponsored Links!

Well, at least if the ads were copy tested, we could have forgiven the copywriters/ adword pros, right?

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Abhishek Nag said...

you should check out Tuvalu:


According to the official country site, the biggest news of the day is the publishing of a tide chart...

The biggest economic event of Tuvalu: selling the domain .tv to ICANN.