Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do not try this...

Ever tried running against an escalator?

Well, if you haven't, DON'T!

(But if you still wanna go ahead and give it a shot, make sure you take one step at a time and run faster than Asafa Powell!)

A couple of years ago, I remember checking out three Indian Malls that have the dubious distinction of switching off their escalators during non-peak hours. A brilliant, cost-effective, Indian way of saving electricity.

Now, little did I expect the newer Malls to embrace 'Sensor Switch' technology.

"The Sensor Switch — placed at the starting end of the escalator, the Sensor Switch will automatically start the escalator if a person is near the entry point. After some time, if no person is detected, the escalator will automatically stop"


In India, I'm used to faucets, hand driers and flush tanks with sensors. But, an escalator with sensors was something I really didn't see coming my way! :P

Yep! So one fine afternoon at a Store, I conveniently assumed that the escalator next to me was switched off and started running up.

Mid-way, the escalator decided to surprise me!

And being the smart ass (not!) that I am, I decided to beat it. Well, I almost did...only the landing sucked!

I'm still alive, ok? :P

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Rushing Mania said...

So you landed on all fours?? LMAO!! Take Care!!! :)