Thursday, March 20, 2008

Common Sense ain't common!

Former Australian Grand Prix winner, Italian Giancarlo Fisichella, crashed out on the first corner, while German Adrian Sutil retired after eight laps because of a hydraulic pressure problem.

"I was very disappointed as I lost the race at the first corner because another driver came in like a kamikaze into my car," Fisichella said. (via Rediff)

Well, Mr. Mallya, an F1 team that has no Indians on it and is called "Force India" deserves nothing but a 'flying start'!

Force India, Mumbai Indians.. Who the hell names these teams?????

This is Force India's
team composition:

The 'only bit of India' I see in there is Mr. Mallya's money!!!

Or take Mumbai Indians:

Did you notice that the team comprises of 3 Sri Lankans and 3 South Africans too, Mr. Mukesh 'I wear my pants above my chest' Ambani?

Wikipedia even says '
The choice of the name Mumbai "Indians" for a regional competition is widely regarded as a blunder"


If only all the rich people in this world were blessed with a little more common sense; to recruit employees who have more common sense than themselves!!


Arse-ish Wembley said...

Haha good that you actually posted about 'Force India' and 'Mumbai Indians'!
Who do these people take us for ? Fools?
How can you name a F1 team 'Force India'? It has third world nation written all over it.
And Mumbai Indians, you must be 'avin a laugh mate!

Arjun said...

Hahaha... You hit the nail on the head bro.... $hit i dint know Mukesh Ambani has named his team the Mumbai indians.. haha.. Stupid.. Force india totally sucked last time arnd lets hope fisichella shows some class at sepang.... Inspite of it all i still gotta support Mallya dude!! Anyguy who gets yana to give u safety instructions is ok in my books.. :D