Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brahmin Lingerie?

The term Brahmin means 'the purest person' and comes from the Indian Caste System.

Never thought that the Indian Caste System could inspire Chinese Lingerie manufacturers! :)

Say 'Hello!' to
Guangdong Brahmin Underwear Co., Ltd.

Their Company Profile says:

"We are one of the reputable manufacturers in Chinese underwear field. Our head office is located in Guangzhou City. We are dedicated in producing regular underwear and sexy underwear, including bras, bikinis, panties, g-strings, babydolls, teddies, girdles, club wears, corsets, garter belts, shapers, sleepwear/nightwear, home wears, pajamas, swimwear, thermal wears and other relevant items"

If you're keen on checking them out, click here

And don't blame me if the 'Made in China' stuff (somehow!) contains excessive levels of lead

"Cellphone charms and zipper pulls made in China and sold in dollar stores across Canada have been found to contain high levels of lead, Health Canada said in an advisory issued Thursday.

The items are dangerous to children if they suck, chew or swallow parts of the products, the federal agency said. Dollarama stores are voluntarily recalling the products from the marketplace"

Think a zillion times before using your teeth to tear that lingerie off her, dude/ dudette! :P

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Arjun said...

Too much dude... but u gotta hand it to the chinese... It is the purest thing... isn't it?? :-)