Saturday, January 26, 2008

Traffic Jam

To begin with, this post is not an expert opinion but an amateur blogger's reply to a friend on how to increase traffic to one's blog.

The friend concerned is Sabith, an awesome bloke. Besides offering me my first pay check for developing content for his company, he also happens to be the man responsible for encouraging me to consider Ogilvy as an employer.

Just found out that he's landed himself a break in Dubai. That's proof indeed that hard work and persistence are rewarding. Good luck, Sabith. This post's for you, mate!

10 surefire tactics to drive traffic to your blog:

1. If your blog caters to a specific industry, ensure that you post smart comments on blogs of the who's who in that field. By partaking in a an intelligent discussion, one can confidently ensure that other bloggers will want to know who you are. This guarantees hits on your blog.

(e.g: If Sabith comments on The Ries' Blog, other readers of the blog may head to Sabith's blog, Rise of PR)

On your chat status messages, display links to your latest blog posts.

3. Ensure that you list your blog(s) on your email signature.

4. Mention your blog on your social networking profile (even on

5. Register your blog on
blog aggregators, blog catalogs, etc.

6. Turn your blog into a one-stop resource for your target audience; if you are posting on a particular industry. You'll be amazed at how many people bookmark/ talk about your blog and drive visitors in return.
(e.g: if your blog content highlights contemporary art, deck up your site with links to the best contemporary artists, resources etc)

7. Gift your blog the following accounts:
Google Analytics, Technorati and Feedburner to monitor incoming traffic and to mine insights.

8. Initiate conversations on your blog. A
call to action at the end of a post might get you a fair share of comments.

9. Post often. (But, never for the heck of it!)

10. Don't give up! :)

And hey, if you don't have a blog already, here's a great tip:
Be creative with what you name your blog!
(e.g: Invent a word and list it's meaning on
Urban Dictionary. You'll be surprised at how many Google searches for "hypnotype" land at this blog!)

Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

1 comment:

sabith khan said...

Nice post dude.And thanks for your kind words. I am touched.

And thanks for the tips too...i remember the conversation we had about how to increase traffic to one's blog.

Keep writing and good luck.