Thursday, January 10, 2008

There's hope....

Me: When the war ends for good, don't u think if it's organised, Sri Lanka can thrive on tourism alone? I somehow feel it really can. But I'm prolly being naive!

Chithika: I'm really not sure. Do you think SL has that kind of potential?

Me: I really really think it does. I'll tell u why: #01 : The people are genuinely nice....warm...friendly...anywhere else u go...all this hospitality bit is so fake! In SL, being hospitable and nice (to foreigners especially) comes naturally.

Chithika: :)

Me: #02: The diversity the island offers is amazing. For any island/ country of that size, it really is mind blowing!

#03: Its damn freakin' cheap. Its cheaper than India. Marketing Communication will play a big role in positioning the island the ideal way. We should ask ourselves questions like : "Do we want it to be a backpacker's paradise? or a honeymoon destination?" Trust me.... tourism can work wonders for SL!

I certainly hope make it sound very positive and good.

You know how quickly "SL package tours" run out here? For the middle class Indian, especially someone who is aspirational....his first holiday abroad is usually one in SL. Look at the numbers here. Even if the whole world says "no SL" but if u get the Indians, it ll do the trick!

Chithika: True....

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