Monday, January 28, 2008

Japanese 'blessed by the holy toast'

The headline was just to catch your eye and ensure you check out the video above (do it if you haven't already. It's worth a look. I wouldn't post it otherwise :P)

Came across an article on BBC, Woman 'blessed by the holy toast':
A half-eaten slice of elderly cheese on toast purportedly showing the image of the Virgin Mary has attracted 100,000 hits on the eBay auction website.

The interesting bits were "Mrs Duyser took a bite from the toast 10 years ago" and her clarification: "I would like all bidders to know that this item is not intended for consumption".


Now this reminds of an experience at a popular local restaurant called Woody's (on Commerical Street, Bangalore).

My sis and I took our US-based cousin to this place for a snack after shopping. Half way through our meal, the cousin exclaims "Yeow! You guys in India eat burgers with fungus growing under it?"

Not to miss a beat, I walked up to the Owner of the restaurant (a cranky old lady) and asked her to replace the burger or to refund the money.

And her retort?

"But you've eaten half of it already!"

Well, I can confidently assume that she ain't on e-bay now to buy the part-eaten 'Holy Toast'.

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