Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sex Sells?

The Pirellis and the Lavazzas and the Kingfishers will be released soon.

Also taking the walls by storm will be the calendar from Cofanifunebri, an Italian coffin manufacturer! (thanks copyranter)

Shown below are some stills from the calendar:

Now what really beats me is the strategy (if any!) behind the whole initiative. Well, if word-of-mouth is what they were looking for, they are bang on!

What were these guys thinking when they decided to blow up money on the calendar?

And since when did scantily clad models start endorsing coffins???

I made a lame attempt at deciphering the message on the visuals. And here's what came up:
  1. Model: "It was so hot inside, I took off all my clothes and came out?"
  2. Model (Yama in disguise?): "Come with me...."
  3. Model: "I'm so gorgeous. You better drop dead NOW!"

Anyway, did you even notice that they use rosewood to manufacture those coffins? :D

If you're keen on checking out what the company website has on offer; I warn you it's morbid stuff!

I mean who on earth wants to buy a watch that says "time is short" and has a little coffin on it?

The English on the site is pretty spectacular too. Click on About Us on their website and this is what you get:

The agenzy boast a particular experience for wath concerns the realization of funeral object.

The choice of hard wood the refines carving and the originaly of decorations are the demostration of it.

Its owners, simple men of good will and talent have given, throught the years, the opportunity to reach the fame of great prestige that new has become the symbol of the company.

Good Lord! I hope the coffins don't suck.

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katty said...

Here is a
that my friend took on funeral equipment fair that could easily fit in that calendar.

Photo caught eyes of many and was published in couple of newspapers and news portals.

To add one more thing,according to Freud, the root of human being's motivation is in two basic drives - sex drive Eros (to procreate) and death drive Thanatos (to return to inorganic state). Simply put, everything that people do is moved by those two instincts.

So, these guys just used that strategy - and you see it is successful, if nothing else it doesn't leave one being disinterested. :)