Sunday, December 02, 2007


At an ad agency, one of the criteria while submitting an acceptance letter states: "The agency holds rights to all work created by you"

This would only make one think that agencies have a fool-proof way of ensuring their work doesn't make it's way out when employees quit.

It's one thing to walk out with one's own creative portfolio and something else altogether to walk out with powerpoint presentations and excel sheets (made by others) at an agency!

When I was leaving my first job, I requested the IT guy to burn copies of stuff I had worked on. I have never looked at those since. I just wanted those copies cos' those projects meant a lot to me. When I'm old and ailing, I'll probably look at those presentations and relive those first days at work!

What came across as rather careless was the fact that the IT guy didn't even care what I was taking away. I could have walked away with sensitive information if I wanted to!

That brings me to someone whom I met recently. This person who holds a senior designation at a leading agency, relies extensively on the back-up from a previous agency. Work is basically about instructing juniors to tweak those presentations. In some cases, tweaking involves nothing more than changing the templates!

Who is to blame here?

The previous agency for being careless enough to have employees walking out with Intellectual Property?

Or this individual who obviously does not understand the seriousness of IP 'theft'?

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