Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rebel Yell

Found RATM's Renegades while leafing through my old album liner notes:

Now, why didn't I remember this earlier .....when I was in Sri Lanka?

Being in an industry that keeps talking about "is your ad youtubable?" and "does your campaign have viral potential?"; I can't help but be inspired by a seven year old album cover that promotes the easiest and most effective form of 'viral social protest'.

I made my own protest notes too:

Just have to figure out a way to inspire people in Sri Lanka to write such messages.

Consider the possibility of one of these landing in the hands of a suicide bomber who is on his way to a mission. Don't you think (if the message is hard hitting) he'll think twice before going ahead?

I know you're thinking I am a ridiculous dreamer. But can you discount the fact that these notes might just about manage to change a few attitudes?

Mull over it!

Or better still, if you're reading this from Sri Lanka, make your own little protest notes now.

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