Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's time to put up a fight

It's World AIDS Day today.

There's a whole lot of noise in the form of ads, press features and candle-light installations.

But how aware really is the Indian society when it comes to HIV/ AIDS? And why are we such hypocrites when it comes to discussing anything sex-related?

Story # 01 (found in a leading daily's Crime News section, 2 years ago):

A woman's dead body found near Ulsoor Lake.

The Police is of the opinion that she was murdered late last night.

"It is uncertain why she was near the Lake at that hour. However, we found condoms in her pocket and believe that she was a prostitute soliciting customers"

Story # 02: found in a back-issue of RAVE:

The police arrest youngsters from a Rave party in Pune. A college girl found carrying condoms in her bag is slapped by a lady cop. Later on, a senior cop displays the condoms to the Press to make his 'point'.

Since when is carrying condoms in one's wallet an ISSUE?

We are talking about cops here. Aren't they the ones who are supposed to heaving a sigh of relief for 'finding' condoms? It's rather appalling to note that they jump to conclusions and make such a mockery out of a non-issue.

Story # 03: At a leading hospital my Dad worked in

Nurse: "Sir, the patient in room # 04 is an AIDS patient. I don't want to have anything to do with him. Please give me another room/ ward to attend to"

I've never heard of a nurse who got infected with the virus by taking care of an AIDS patient!

Think 'Nurse' and we conjure up images of women who dedicate their lives to health care. But the reality can be a lot more distorted!

It's time we started professing 'one voice' when it comes to such sensitive issues, There's 2-3 million people living with AIDS in India. There's a lot to be done.

The least our real life protagonists (from the stories mentioned above) can do is to STFU!

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