Sunday, December 09, 2007


Hopes crushed,

She treads an unfamiliar territory.

Her tears dried,
She questions her raison d'ĂȘtre.

Her innocence robbed,
She suspects everyone's motives.

Blisters on her bare feet,
And the beast on her case,
She prays for an end to this misery!

- Shek

Came across the above graffiti in four different locations in Ulsoor, Bangalore (Pic courtesy: Ashish)

Ulsoor is a locality that is home to a significant Tamil population.

There's a whole lot of Tamils in India and around the world who support the concept of Eelam. I'm not an authority to comment on the need for such a state. However having lived and traveled around Sri Lanka for 1.5 years, I only hope the war will end sooner than later.

The SL economy is crumbling, defence spends are at an all time high and the country has a long way to go...the war has turned a promising island into a chaotic mess.

I have no sides to take. I only hope that there will be a peaceful solution soon and that all hostilities will end.

I can't wait for that perfect photo-op when Tamil and Sinhala kids will walk hand-in-hand on Sri Lanka's sun-kissed beaches. And sitting at a distance, watching them will be the cheerful parents...

I'm keeping my camera on stand-by...

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