Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Planning for Good

Last week was fun!

Worked on cracking a UNICEF brief with IQ

Sending out a BIG Thank You to Planning for Good

In founder Edward Cotton's words:

"Planning for Good (PFG) is an organization made up of marketing communication strategists and their friends who’ve come together to lend their skills to support nonprofits…Here you’ll find some of the smartest thinkers in the business, people who intimately understand how to uncover insight, build brands and create powerful stories around them"

Edward Cotton (no network) wrote
at 1:18pm
The response to the UNICEF brief has been amazing.

There's a list below shows the where and the who. If your stuff is MIA and not on this list, please let us know...

Responses revieved from.....

PFG Austin
PFG Sydney
PFG Burlington
PFG Boston
PFG Bangalore
PFG Boulder
PFG San Francisco
PFG London (soon)
PFG Denver
PFG Toronto
PFG New York
PFG Los Angeles (x 3)
PFG New Orleans
PFG Minneapolis
PFG Columbus
Katie Hamilton
Caitlin Cody

Thanks to everyone listed above who contributed their thinking, time and energy.

We are currently working our way through this mountain of creative thinking and will be sharing all the ideas with UNICEF and with everyone in the PFG group.

I will keep you posted on timing,



Cool, eh? (Will post the presentation with our ideas as soon as we get the nod from PFG)

PFG really is a blessing for those of us who want do to change the world without giving up our day jobs :)

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