Monday, November 19, 2007

No more TREBLE :)

After struggling to pick up gear for ages and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts at starting a rock band (and after a never ending love-hate relationship with my bass guitar); I've finally laid my hands on the bass processor I had dreamt of owning 4 years back. (Thanks again Shantha Auntie!)

The Digitech BP200 is an absolute cracker of a processor. I've spent 4 hours on it today sifting my way through 30 brilliant genre based drum loops and 40 factory pre-sets!

I love the fretless simulator and the synthlike preset and the expression pedal (wah! all the way) and the headphone jack :)

My favorite feature however is "jam-a-long" - it allows to me connect my mp3 player and finally master those killer basslines.

I'm in love all over again! :)

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