Friday, November 23, 2007

Geeky Action

The Business Development Team from Corbis dropped in at my previous agency, to introduce us to killer keywords that promised better search results.

Here's a list of them:
- Cut-out

- Copy space
- Sunburst

- Personal perspective
- Motion Blur
- Contrast

To keep the engagement levels high, they even had a little impromptu contest with interesting giveaways. The Einstei
n 'action figure' shown here was undoubtedly the best one of the lot.

Did a little googling for the Einstein figurine and chanced upon ThinkGeek, an amazing resource to find those ever-so-elusive geeky gifts!

Besides Einstein and Litte Einstein figurines, you'll also find an eager-to-indulge-in-an-intellectual-chat Freud (and a whole lot of other interesting stuff!)

Or better still, click on action shots to see images of Einstein in 'action' :D

This one shown below was titled: Every Geek's Dream :)

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wolfandman said...

Hahaha... Check out the weapons on offer for office warfare at the site!