Tuesday, November 20, 2007


A couple of weeks back, Manish's post led me to Tehelka's issue exposing the men behind the 2002 Gujarat riots.

I must be honest enough to admit that I couldn't stomach the content. I was only brave enough to read the highlighted bits. The last straw was an image displaying the charred remains of an infant being carried out of a train.

Pages after pages, the issue was filled with proud testimonials of unimaginable atrocities committed by men. To think all of that was true and the fact the human race is capable of such horrendous deeds! Shame!

The Team at Tehelka did make a wise decision in avoiding ads in the aforementioned issue. Tehelka does deserve kudos for carrying out a groundbreaking investigation and then printing an issue covering a sensitive topic devoid of senseless ads.

There are times when I sit down and analyze if I am in the right career at all. Mind you, I love ads and everything that goes into creating great pieces of communication. But more often than not, I wonder why everything around us revolves around money and ulterior motives.

That brings me to Tehelka's follow-up issue where Santosh Desai (MD & CEO, Futurebrands) says:
Nobody (in the media) seems really interested; Aaj Tak has got the viewership spike it wanted, other media were never keen on it in any case....The only real question is: Did the Ratings go up last week?"

And here's the proof (found it in India Today's latest issue):

AajTak also has the audacity to claim "Sabse TEZ" (We are the Fastest!)

Fastest at what??????

Channel Share % over a 5 hr period???? Is that what all this comes down to?

And the man shown in the above 'ad', Qutu-buddin Ansari,is trying really hard to move on from the worst phase of his life. Thanks Aaj Tak for making his life all the more miserable!

Trust all your cold-blooded Ad Salesmen must be striking killer deals with those equally stone-hearted Clients...........................

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Queen from Another Planet said...

"There are times when I sit down and analyze if I am in the right career at all."

I think a few of us do - at least I know I do. The sad truth is that for us to be able to actually make a difference in this world, we need a lot of money and a reasonable amount of power - and neither of us have that.

While we both wok in a cut throat industry, at least we do our bit outside of it to make a difference. Perhaps when you move high enough in the corporate ladder, you can make the changes that you want to see others doing. The RIGHT kind of changes.