Monday, November 26, 2007

And...the Piranhas attack!

Finally stepped out of my coccoon and checked out Strawberry Fields .... after 4 long years!!! (Thanks again, Anand!)

Managed to watch a couple of competing bands (that turned out to be the winners later) and headlining acts Lounge Piranha and Bhayanak Maut.

Bhayanak Maut literally means 'Scary Death'. Though their name sounds like a B-grade horror flick (is it one?), they are anything but B-grade. They took the place by storm. Their act was one hell of an ASSAULT. My neck still hurts after all that head banging!

As tight as a band can get, the band pulled off flawless originals. Kudos to Vinay's lung power in delivering those killer vocals!

Anyways, now let's shift the focus to Lounge Piranha.

DAMN! What a BAND!!!!

It's the kind of act you watch once and say "&@#$!That's the kinda band I wanna be in!!!"

They are miles ahead of all other bands in the the Indian scene with their unique sound, brilliant self compositions and commendable stage act.

Lounge Piranha is not a band.. it's a experience!

Watch them play once or just take a look at their website and you'll know why.

How many bands in the Indian Scene are working as hard in creating their own signature sound and visual identity?

How many use lights, projections, didgeridoos to connect with their audience??

Bah! Don't even try answering those questions. Just catch Lounge Piranha's next gig :)


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Strawberry Fields

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