Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lights | Camera | Ogilvy Action

Alright! I've got a great break at OgilvyAction, Bangalore! :)

After a couple of months of 'chilling' and networking over the internet with practising Planners in India, I figured it's time to have a chat with a Planner in Bangalore.

Thanks to Sabith Khan, (a budding PR professional at Ogilvy and a good friend), I was soon sitting face to face with Mohammed Iqbal (IQ),
Atticus Award winner and Sr. Planning Director at O&M. Over half an hour, we discussed everything from 'formal education in India' and Advertising in Sri Lanka to his award-winning paper titled 'The Elongating Tail of Brand Communications' (check it's a thought provoking read!)

The meeting of course ended with IQ asking me if I was job hunting. A couple of interviews with OgilvyAction and a week later, I was offered a Planning role.

Found out my designation last week: Senior Planner :)

Cool, eh?

Thanks Sabith, IQ, Menkka, Ramesh and everyone who was part of the amazing SL experience! You guys rock!

Gotta go now.... time for Action!

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Madushanka said...

congrats dude..