Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Prepare to be shocked. Here are some appaling facts:

- The Indian Penal Code does not recognise Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) as an offense (
It is only by application of certain other Indian Penal Code provisions that a child sexual offender can be punished)

According to a 2007 study by the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare on Child Abuse in India, every second child in the country is subjected to some kind of sexual abuse (Every fifth child faces severe sexual abuse)

The study also found that 41.20 per cent of the girls in Uttar Pradesh are subjected to sexual abuse and 50 percent of this happens at the hands of people known to them.

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Geez! I'm not even sure what I should be writing in here.

I've seen my friend go through a traumatic teenage life thanks to a history of repeated abuse as a 5-6 yr old (Yes! She too was abused by someone close to her family)

Child abuse is criminal. It's the worst thing anyone can face and I dare to say that paedophiles are the scum of the earth.

How on earth can the laws of a land let them get away after robbing a child of his/ her innocence?

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Queen from Another Planet said...

It's tragic, isn't it?

To add, 56% of women in Sri Lankan jails are there for murdering or injuring their husbands after suffering from domestic violence.

Why is the law not looking at these women & children who suffer?

I agrre with you - I also don't know what to say...