Saturday, September 01, 2007

Of course black is beautiful!

An excerpt from an article I came across on AdAge today....

'Najoh Tita Reid, Multicultural Marketing Director for Procter & Gamble Co. has one of those classic childhood stories from when she was 4 or 5. One of her white friends wouldn't let her white doll play with Ms. Reid's black doll, which she termed "ugly". Then her friend pointed out the doll's resemblance to Ms. Reid, who went home crying.

P&G is about to launch a new multi-brand campaign called 'My Black is Beautiful' -
The campaign's goal is to make all black girls and women feel that way regardless of skin tone or origin'

It's time we had a campaign like that in the Indian subcontinent. Or something even on the lines of the brilliant Dove Evolution (Campaign for real beauty).

I subscribe to the cliche that 'every woman is beautiful in her own way'.
Beauty is a lot more than skin color.

I've had this discussion umpteen times with friends and family and always thought the Fair and Lovely ads were demeaning. And imagine being told I would have to handle that very same account when my colleague left the agency (in Sri Lanka)!

Pfffff!! Grudgingly handling the FAL account, I did my time!

As far as I know, ads for skin lightening creams for women are off air in India now. Actually, I haven't seen any in the last 2 months.

And just when I thought women preferred the 'Tall, dark and handsome" types, there came along a certain Mr.Shah Rukh Khan endorsing skin-lightening products (for men).


Who's gonna ban those ads, eh? :D

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Suchith said...

If they have it in this part of the world that would help!

Girls here are also here crazy about making their skin white :P even when Thai people are generally fair!!!

Hope the campaign makes it here..but guess they have to tone down from black to something else.. Yellow??