Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Indian media, get a life!

Please stop fussing so much about the arrest of Bollywood actors!

How many news channels have carried a story highlighting "Justice delayed is justice denied"?

How many channels have dared to ask the judiciary why it takes so long to mete out a punishment?

14 years.... yea... 14 years after the Mumbai blasts, Sanjay Dutt goes to jail.

- Should'nt he have been given his full-term ages back?

- What is this instalment business? (First the judges sentence him to 1.5 yrs and once he's a reformed model citizen, they send him back all over again for a second term...)

Driving under the influence of alcohol, Salman Khan gets away after running over a man (and killing him) with his Landcruiser (?). Does any news channel talk about this anymore????

And 6 years after he is accused of killing the endangered black buck, Salman gets his term!!! How many news channels are reporting the present status of the endangered species???

And just in case, you are from a news channel, here's a story for you:

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