Saturday, September 15, 2007

20-odd mins at a clinic

12:20 PM

Me: "Is the doctor here?"

Irritated Receptionist: "He's not there"

12: 22 PM

I spot the doctor in his seat and go back.

Me: "Are you free now, Doctor?"

Irritated Receptionist: "I told you, no? Come back between 7pm-9pm"

Me: "Fine"

7:00 PM

Me: "Can I meet the doctor now?"

Irritated Receptionist: "Yes"

There's a whole soccer team waiting in front of me to meet the doctor.

After waiting for 15 mins, 2 teenaged
girls who seemed to know the receptionist walk in....

5 mins later, they call the the receptionist there and she stares at me and
says "You haven't taken an appointment!"


Me: "I walked in twice in the morning...once again now, no? Did u even once say anything about an appointment???"

Irritated Receptionist: "I was on the phone when you walked in"

(btw, she was not!)

Me: "This is really stupid..."

Irritated Receptionist: "WHO is stupid?"


Me (since she asked): "Duh! Of course you are stupid...screw you!"


I walk up to the nearest hospital and ask for an appointment with the concerned doctor when he is available.

No guesses for the reply!

Receptionist # 2: "No appointment...just come in at 630 PM on Monday!"

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