Friday, August 24, 2007

Unilever logo was designed by Lowe LDB, Sri Lanka?

Found this on the net:

Soon after the 26 December tsunamis in 2004, Unilever unveiled a new logo - a series of symbols depicting life and values, all of which combine in a large U. The concept was developed in-house by Sri Lanka's Lowe LDB over one weekend, "when people were still trying to piece together their thoughts and spirits," says Lowe LDB Chairman, Lilamani Dias Benson.

The campaign was, she adds, a reflection of the empathy between client and agency. "The visual elements were these symbols and all it did was to suggest that 'U' can make a difference."

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Unilever logo symbolism:

Update (15th May 2009) - "What Lowe LDB did was a little film just after the tsunami which took the Unilever logo and used its symbolism to depict the incredible connection people felt to each other immediately following the devastation of the tsunami. We did not design the logo." - Lilamani Dias Benson, CEO/ Co-Chairman, Lowe LDB


Sweetest Princess said...

Hey Shek! Howya? Nice to see everything's great with you! This is Nilma and hope you keep in touch!

Erika said...

Amazing the detail in such a tiny symbol. I thought it was throwaway pattern, like a barcode, but all these little things, swimming around... cute. It always seems such a waste though, all the attention and artistic skill put into mere advertising symbols.

azizah said...

it helps me to find inspirations for my task..
a great detail for great company..
thank you..