Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thanks but No Thanks!

Looks like in the year or so I've been away from India, telecom marketers here have become more annoying than ever.

I keep wondering if it's just Airtel or if it's the other services too!

I'm absolutely bugged with the number of times my new Airtel account sends me the following msg :

"Make the most of this weekend, chat along, make new friends, and find that special someone...login to mobile chat now! Call 696 and get going!"


And that's not all!

The other day I had a missed call when I came out of the shower. When I called back the #, I just kept getting a voice-over which said "This is not a valid #. Please check and dial again!"

The same number called me again in the evening and it was a recorded voice offering me something I didn't even care about!

Gotta block this no. : +91 98802 86018

Tsk! Tsk!

1 comment:

Varun S said...

I too face the same issue. I got 8 missed calls in less than 2 days. Horrible!