Saturday, August 04, 2007

News on TV = Nuisance

Quite honestly, I'm bugged with all the Indian news channels on the Telly!

It pretty much validates why the TV is called the 'Idiot Box'. No prizes for guessing who the idiots are!

Here's the proof:

1. The news channels can't even tell the difference between 'breaking news' and 'BREAKING NEWS'

Sample the below listed:

- "Former auto rickshaw driver and Canteen contractor own 50 foreign cars - CBI" (Geez! And I wonder how many accidents took place at the same time elsewhere in India and no one was bothered to cover them as 'breaking news')

- 'Prostitution racket involving Uzbek girls busted in Mumbai'
(It is newsworthy. But is it worth all the airtime??? I was under the impression there are various other topics which deserve 'breaking news' status!)

2. Is there one private news channel which devotes 1o minutes of airplay to the 'hearing impaired'? (You can argue that the crawling news bars take care of that. But hey! that's just the headlines!)

The only channel I can recollect caring about the 'hearing impaired' is Doordarshan. As a kid, I remember intently observing that bulletin.

3. STOP SCREAMING, 'Mr. BIGWIG at CNN-IBN'! (Like my friend says, "We have the volume control on our remotes! We will turn up th volume when required")

4. For heaven's sake, stop putting household problems on TV for public scrutiny. (No kid wants to walk into school after having been featured in a war of words between their step mother and genetic mother!)

5. Bipasha will kiss whomever she wants.( Stop making asses out of yourselves with takes like "Ronaldo aur Bipasha ka chumban". WTF????)

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