Thursday, August 23, 2007


Random person: "What are your plans now that you're back from SL?"

Yours Truly: "I love advertsing. The SL experience helped me fine tune what exactly i want out of my career"

Random person: "So what is it?"

Yours truly: "I enjoy inspiring creatives to come up with good ideas, I love understanding consumers and I'm really interested in internet marketing. I wanna be a planner"

Random person (rolls his/ her eyes): "Uh! So? you are going to become a journalist?"

Yours truly (stares at the ceiling): "What? No! I said I wanna be a planner. I wanna study Account Planning at Miami Ad School"

Random person (confused by now): "Everyone's doing an MBA! Why don't you also?"

Yours truly: "I better get going now!"

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