Monday, March 26, 2007

8 films in one weekend!

Day 1

  1. 'The art of forgetting' by Lisa Kois
  2. 'Leila Khaled Hijacker' by Lina Makboul
  3. 'The Take' by Avi Lewis & Naomi Klein
  4. 'Women by the sea: Experiences of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka' by Robert Crusz
  5. ' Khamosh pani' by Sabiha Sumar
Day 2
  1. 'Return to Kandahar' by Nelofer Pazira & Paul Jay
  2. 'The Rockstar and the Mullahs' by Ruhi Hamid & Angus Macqueen
  3. 'Aksharaya (Letter of fire)' by Ashoka Handagama
Thanks to the guys at LST (Law Society Trust) and ICES (International Centre for Ethnic Studies)

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